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When we are wondering of next vacations, often we have a hard time to get to know where to travel. Nothing odd in that, cause every year small airline companies are creating new connections from our country.

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There are usually no questions regarding the fact that traveling is a extremely interesting way of spending our totally free time. Throughout long days in yet another cITy we can easily forget about all difficulties.

Similar is in 2017, because since now Kazakhstan does not require travel visa from Polish voyagers. So maybe you will consider to travel to this nice country?

When you want to travel in economical method, you need to book at least 6 months ahead flight from Poland to Astana Vacations may be also cheaper, if you decide not to take checked in luggage with you, cause carry on is medium size, therefore you'll be able to bring a lot of belongings with you, also some cosmetics. Next thing you have to think about is accommodation. Luckily hotels in Kazakhstan are much cheaper then in Poland, therefore you wouldn't spend a fortune. You could reserve a room online, with international domain with accommodation. In most of times, all inclusive option will be affordable.

You're probably wondering, what interesting thing you can watch during your Astana vacations? Cause for many of Polish people, Kazakhstan seem too be not interesting place. But it isn't true. Astana, the biggest metropolis in there, got amazing architecture. You'll find in there mix of Muslim temples, hi-tech skyscrapers and mansions created in Social realism method. Also, nightlife up there is very interesting, a lot of bars and discos are open till the morning. While your tour in Kazakhstan, you should visit one of those restaurants. Cause meals of this region is very delicious, you cannot miss it.

If you have no concept where to travel for next vacations, try Kazakhstan.

After 2017 air tickets to that destination are in very attractive price and travel visa is no longer needed. Astana, largest metropolis, has a lot of fascinating monuments for you to explore.
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