Vacation in Europe - the best destinations

Nowadays Polish citizens are able to travel all around the world without wasting a fortune on a trip, cause airline carriers are more affordable than before. That is why sometimes it may be very hard to choose one place for summer vacation, cause there are too much options.

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If you have problems like that here are couple concepts for ideal trip.

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Southern Europe

The largest amount of all inclusive holidays is available in the south area of old continent. Nothing weird in that, because many people want to spend a trip by the seashore, getting tan and admiring interesting attractions. If you are individual like that you need to consider a trip to Barcelona, some of the best cities in entire Europe. Barcelona is located by the seaside, and it is famous thanks to amazing architecture, that is combination of Catalan and medieval fashion. Next nice metropolis is Rome, as well placed close to the seaside. Metropolis of Italy is famous because of phenomenal architecture, not just from ancient era, but either Renaissance or Rococo.

Northern destinations

Every year more and more people are choosing all inclusive tours to Scandinavia, cause this land is just perfect during the summer. The sightseeing in July will be very convenient, in Scandinavia you can admire many interesting attractions. The most famous destination is Norway visited because of amazing fjords which are main attraction of a seashore. Another decent place to visit is Iceland, localized far in the north.

That little island is known for beautiful landscapes, thermal waters and amazing architecture of the cities. Or perhaps you prefer to visit Finland? That country was selected as the best country to live in previous year!
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