Amazing vacation in reasonable price

Nowadays, Polish travelers have many different options to try if they are thinking about holidays. Thanks to small airline companies we don't have to travel by bus for several days to reach ITaly or Greece.

Flight from our country to Rome is taking about two hours, it's very convenient. Because of small prices even travel offices are able to offer better deals for their clients.

all inclusive

Who want to travel for a song?

At the moment you don't need to be rich to try a perfect vacations. Travel offices are offering really decent deals, especially when you're interested in last minute option. This is a bit risky, however you may pay for a one week trip even 2 times less. To find the nicest deal you should subscribe couple of carriers, cause each may offer different option in various date. For example, when you've one week off at labor in August and you wish to go to Rome, in just one agency you can or can't find something perfect.

The best destination

But where to travel if you like to spend plenty of time by the sea but also to see any fascinating attractions? In that case you better choose any European metropolis placed by the sea shore. There're many options to select. In Athens you may book a last minute offer and stay in the hotel by the sea, which is close to the capital's center. In Barcelona you wouldn't find anything very close to the shore, however suburbia is linked with center really well. Rome is also near to the beach, but it'll took about 40 minutes to get there from the city.

You also have to think about Italian islands, such as Sicily for example. It is filled with monuments, close to the sea and travel agencies are offering many of alternatives for this destination.
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