The best rest? Choose Turkmenistan

Nowadays, Polish tourists have infinite travel places to select, all because of small airline companies. Cause since we become part of European Union, a lot of companies created their branches in here.

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Therefore when we're organizing next holidays, we could have a hard time with that, especially if we use to travel a lot.

Author: Matt Popovich

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Amazing vacations in Turkey

Author: Daniel Jolivet
After spring is coming, plenty of us begin to thinking about vacations. Nothing weird about that, cause we are tired of cold months after long winter, therefore we want to warm ourselves in any tropical venue.

Less popular then Old Continent, but definitely worth to be explored is central Asia, with Turkmenistan Trip - see what i found - to this phenomenal state would be one of the best adventures in your lifetime, surely. A lot of travel agencies are offering tours to that destination, but it could be expensive. Fortunately, small airline companies are providing connections to there, straightly from Poland. Because of that, when you book airline tickets early enough, you'll be able to go there for a penny. Beside, Turkmenistan is much cheaper then Poland, so accommodation and food won't cost you too much money, it is guaranteed.

Turkmenistan trip
Author: reynermedia

And what to do during our Turkmenistan trip - Kalpak? Plenty of options are affordable, depending on your preferences. If you are interested into interior design, you got to go to Ashgabat to see Carpet Museum, in there you will be able to appreciate amazing collection of finest, Arabic carpets. Also, in the very same place, the admirer of architecture should be very happy. Because Aschgabad has many interesting buildings, founded in eclectic style, which is a mix of traditional, Muslim style and hi-tech ideas. Also, plenty of important monuments are located in there, such as Neutrality Memorial for example.

When you're sick of typical, European vacation and you like to explore not ordinary country, Turkmenistan will be the best for you.

Great weather, interesting monuments, a lot of art galleries - this location will be nice for any type of tourist. Beside, thanks to cheap airline companies, you will have a chance to travel up there in very attractive price.
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