Visit phenomenal destinations during future holidays

Back in nineties, when we were planning a vacations, in plenty of occasions we were selecting any Polish villages localized by the sea and a lake. Luckily nowadays we have much more options to select, because of to large availability of cheap flights and tour offers.

Author: Barney Moss

When you're searching for a nice place to visit this year, here're few concepts to try.


Great Britain become famous after millions of Polish people move in there for work and education. However on time of summer plenty of people are using last minute offers to get there and watch amazing attractions of London. During the trip you have to explore the Westminster Palace, main quarter of English parliament. It was designed in 19th century as a replacement for previous parliament, ruined in fire. Another phenomenal attraction is Westminster Abby, one of the largest Gothic settlement in entire area of old continent. It is very important place for royal family, they are becoming christened, coronated and buried up there.


When you are lover of amazing architecture Vienna should be the best place for you to visit, during last minute deal. Whole city is stuffed with astonishing buildings created in previous centuries. It's a home for 3 large palaces, created in Classical fashion. At Belvedere you will also have a chance to explore western paintings. In Schonbrun you will explore phenomenal gardens, which are situated around the palace. While exploring Vienna you have also good chance to enjoy interesting art galleries.

Visit Leopold Museum for artworks of nicest, Austrian painters, Klimt and Schiele. The Mumok is sophisticated exhibitions of latest art, it is one of very important museums in the world right now.
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