Asia - the nicest place for next vacations

Spring is the final time for us to arrange vacations, because the longer we will wait, the more expensive it'll be for us. That's why internet in May is filled with phenomenal deals from travel agencies, and often it can be difficult to choose one destination.

Author: Pawel Pacholec

Author: Bill Reynolds

When you're fan of exotic lands and you want to get in touch with another culture, Asia will be the best place for your vacations.

Before the trip

Unluckily this continent is less progressed than our, that is why often it standards could be weird for us. One thing you need to remember is to do some vaccines to save yourself from tropical illnesses. It will be useful especially in countries like Cambodia or Vietnam for instance. When you're wondering of last minute option in the future don't forget, that vaccine has to be taken couple months before the trip. Another case is date of our trip. You don't have to be rich to explore that continent, just decide to travel in time of low season. November and April in tropical Asia is ideal for exploring and less popular among European travelers.

Finest destinations

The most famous place in Asia is Thailand, which travel infrastructure is really developed. You're starting your exploration in Bangkok and than it is good to transfer to the south, to some of it paradise islands for example. When you are lover of spectacular, exotic churches, a last minute trip to India would be the best idea for you.

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India is still very poor, but the largest travel areas are safe and comfortable.

You can also choose Japan as your holiday destination, however this country is a lot colder. When you wish to enjoy a nice temperature during exploration in Japan you better go there in summer or late June.
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