Do not be dull - get wedded in Verona

Today marriage must not be a monotonous ceremony in a traditional and too standard place. The freshly married couple can shock every person and have a great wedding ceremony with unique honeymoon vacation in Verona, Italy. The wedding in Verona is today one of the most popular destination where men and women want to get married. It is a destination which is connected with a intense love which has connected fictional lovers from Shakespeare’s work of art, called ‘Romeo and Julie’. Their love was so strong that they decided to die if they could not be together.

Author: Henri Bergius
Besides its history, the location is placed in a gorgeous part of Italy where it is often warm and the temperature is large even in fall.

Moreover, another fascinating feature connected with the ceremony is the location. In Verona , here are a big number of chapels. Some of them are very old – many remember even middle ages times. Nowadays, there is an opportunity to get married in the church where kings used to say ‘I do’. It can be unique experience – spiritual and emotional which will be recalled permanently.

Furthermore, the freshly married couple can say ‘I do’ facing Julie’s monument located near the balcony where the known act took place. The monument as well as the balcony is often seen by tourists who dream of huge love and desire.

An additional benefit of getting married in Italy is the chance of spending amazing vacation close to the location where the recently wedding lovers got married. Verona is located in the middle part of north Italy. From this place is really nearby to Adriatic where the lovers can enjoy honeymoon trip by the hot ocean, tanning and eating delicious seafood. Furthermore, they can also go to the most charming location in the world – Venice and the home of the Pope – Rome.

How much is the wedding in Verona?
The journey must not cost lot of money because Italy is rather inexpensive country. You can book the wedding ceremony and reception in your nearby tour agency . The prices start from 300 pounds and everybody can find something suitable to the finances.
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