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The spring has finally arrived, and the holiday is getting closer every day. This is the greatest time to organize your break, cause when you want to find the best offer, you need to be hurry. You have a lot of various options affordable, you can travel to distance continent, such as Australia for instance. You could also select anything much closer, and have a nice week at the Polish seashore. But there are plenty of interesting options for air flights to Bulgaria or another sea resort in the Old Continent. Or maybe you better like to tour some metropolis for instead?

Europe is a little but very interesting land, when you wish to have a vacations of your lifetime, you don't have to leave this place. If you are thinking about laying on the beach all day long, in any tropical scenery, you should book flights to Bulgaria. This amazing country, situated next to the Black Sea, is getting more popular each year. Nothing surprising in that, it has magnificent beaches and attractive prices. Plenty of Polish tourist are visiting it, also because many of this areas are former part of Great Polish Kingdom. Another interesting option is Croatia - It has fine, rock beaches and delicious meals. It was an area of dramatic international events, but war ended, and inhabitants are building their position once again. It is very great land if you wish to diving, thanks to rock subsoil, which helps to keep the sea clear. And there are many of sunken yachts, so you have a lot of objects to admire.

Another fascinating alternative is to travel to the largest European cities. Have you ever been in Rome? or Paris? Or perhaps you found a nice offer on flights from Warsaw to Stockholm? If you are more active traveler, who better like to admire heritages, instead of spending on a beach all day, this is the best method. Right now, airplane tickets are in very reasonable costs on the European area, so it is nice possibility, that you will find something interesting.
Author: Jörg Schubert
When you are not an admirer of warm temperature in the time of summer, Scandinavia should be the greatest. Mostly when flights from Warsaw to Stockholm or Oslo are really cheap. You would wish to get to know the town of Hans Christian Andersen? Visit the Copenhagen, you could find there a statue of famous mermaid. Or maybe you better like to connect with a nature? Oslo will be perfect, with it fiords and so on. Also, you may have a bigger tour trough whole Scandinavia, because any country is connected by ferries.

Holiday is very important event in our year . It is the greatest chance for us to chill out and recharge the batteries for next year. It is also fine way to explore different cities and countries, we can get in touch with various culture, get to know odd habits and so on. When you are looking for any fun at the sea side, flights to Bulgaria are the greatest deal for you. But if you are more an adventurer, you can have a tour trough Scandinavia, and visit it largest heritages.
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