Where to travel for next holidays?

Nowadays, after decade of cheap, airline carriers in Poland, tourists have sometimes difficult time to realize where to go for the next holidays. Nothing surprising in that, cause we have chance to see amazing locations, not only in old continent, but even all around the world.

Which city is finest to select during next summer?

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Author: Connie Ma
From: http://www.flickr.com

This amazing metropolis, even if it's not situated close to the sea, is still worth to be visited for holidays. Paris for American people for example is the main capital of whole Europe, in here you'll observe the biggest number of monuments. Art galleries, breathtaking buildings, a lot of cultural events, it's impossible to be bored in this place. When you like to feel the true aura of old times, you should not miss a tour to the Montmartre, quarter and the name of a hill, which is situated in the center. Back in nineteenth century it was a zone, where plenty of popular artists were to live, like Picallo, Modigiliani and also Hemmingway. Nowadays you may still visit plenty of vintage coffee shops, where those genius artists wish to spend their afternoons.


Main reason why travelers want to spend future holidays in Barcelona is fascinating architecture by Antonio Gaudi. At start of twentieth century this brilliant architect designed plenty of astonishing buildings, which we are able to observe even nowadays. The most famous is Sagrada Familia temple, amazing combination of Catalan and Art Nouveau epoque.

Next piece worth to be visited is Casa Milla, not big building which is in shape of sea waves. Also next reason why metropolis is ideal for vacations is sea, this city is situated very close to the beach.
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