Great holidays in European capital

When we're organizing next holidays, in most of situations we better like to travel to any southern land, to spend whole day on a beach, getting tan and drink tasty cocktails.

However we do not have too many days off at work, therefore we can only have one holidays like that during one year. Fortunately we may also try city break alternative.

Author: Michal Goszczynski

Where to go?

This is very popular idea of traveling, you only require a longer weekend off to proceed any exploration in an interesting metropolis. Because of cheap airline companies you may reserve a last minute flight for a song and have an amazing time in chosen location. There're many nice destinations that you may find very attractive, especially in Europe. Some of the most famous city is Barcelona, where you can admire astonishing architecture, designed by Gaudi. The very popular object is Sagrada Familia, interesting temple that is still unfinished. Next nice piece of building is Casa Mila, sophisticated house in shape of ocean's waves, decorated with little stones and glass. Another interesting place to go is Paris, the capital of love. It is ideal spot for romantic voyage, this amazing place is filled with interesting architecture and wealthy art galleries.



If you like to enjoy great city break trip, but you don't want to waste a lot of money, you better fallow those couple hints. First of all try to look for last minute air tickets, which could be even three times less costly than usual. Next important aspect is accommodation, in bigger capitals you may try in hostel.

Services like that are often situated close to the relevant monuments, however if you like the lowest price, you better book a bed in a bigger room, which you'll be sharing with some travelers.
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