Arrange an ideal holidays in Barcelona

At the moment when individuals are arranging their future holidays there is much more options for them to choose. Nothing odd in that, cause since last decade our country developed much, people get more wealthy and a lot more airline connections become affordable for us.

It is sometimes hard to select one city, if you also got issues this kind, you better consider a tour to Barcelona.

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Reserve the cheapest ticket

This amazing city is within your reach, you just need to reserve a flight from some bigger, Polish airfield However, the July and August are the most popular for holidays in Barcelona, so plane tickets can be expensive. If you like to travel for a penny and still be able to explore Barcelona, you better select different date, such as September for example. It is still really hot season, however less popular, therefore hotels and air jet will be much cheaper. When you want to save even more cash don't buy an additional piece of luggage, mainly if you're going for shorter trip. One piece of valise is in a cost of a plane ticket, so you may save a lot of funds.

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Vacation in Europe - the best destinations

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Nowadays Polish citizens have a chance to travel whole around the planet without spending big fortune on that, cause airline companies are more affordable than ever. That's why sometimes it could be really difficult to select one place for summer holiday, cause there are too much options.


Barcelona is probably the most beautiful metropolis in Spain, buy a flight and you'll be able to explore spectacular architecture of Gaudi, his work is very interesting combination of Gothic and Catalan style. The symbol and main attraction of Barcelona is Sagrada Familia cathedral, beautiful building which is still unfinished.

Another pretty piece of art designed by this artists is Casa Milla, a large house designed in very weird shape and decorated with plenty of colourful glasses and stones. The city is situated close to the seashore, so you will also enjoy some water baths in there.
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