Organize great journey to South America

Summer period is for many of us moment for holidays, plenty of European destinations are warm and sunny during July or August. However sometimes it's hard to have a week off at labor, because another people want to have it as well.

That is why when you do not want to have problems this kind you better travel for vacations in time of winter, choosing one of South America's destinations.

Author: Radek Kołakowski

Arranging step by step

In November you may find plenty of great, last minute deals for Cuba or Puerto Rio for instance. That is the middle period in this region, days are sunny, however often may appear a bit of rain. If you want to get there for a hot season, you better travel during December and January. It's an ideal moment to rest from long winter in Poland, get some tan, and gather amazing memories. If you like to reserve the most affordable airline ticket to Peru or Colombia for instance, you need to start organization about 6 months before the flight. Cause the quicker ticket will be reserved the better will be it cost.

In South America food and beverages are very cheap, similar is with accommodation, or you can book last minute trip if you like. Surely in a lot of famous places, like Acapulco in Mexico, and Sao Paulo in Brasil it'll be expensive, but you can also find a room in the inhabitant's house, they are providing rooms every season. Whole South America is stuffed with amazing, colonial architecture, designed after European invaders came here. Also in the center of continent lays ancient, rain jungle, which can be explored by you either.

Finest alternative is to book a tour with regional guide, he can show you every nice spot in there. In Mexico or Peru you can either enjoy old remains of local cities, which are really phenomenal and beautiful.
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