Arrange an unforgettable journey to Barcelona

When we're organizing next vacations, often it's difficult to decide where to go. Some of us prefer to stay for a time on the seashore, another prefer to do sightseeing among phenomenal attractions in big city.

Luckily you don't need to select among two options, cause in Barcelona you'll have anything you require.

Get finest deal

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Right now the cheapest option is to organize a trip to Barcelona on your own. However if you are a spontaneous individual you may either seek for last minute deals in your local travel agency. Barcelona is very famous place, so you shouldn't have a problem to find the best offer for you. But when you choose to arrange holidays on your own you better book flights six months before the trip, when finest prices are available. Beside, to spare even more cash, don't take a registered baggage.

Sightseeing in Barcelona

During one week in that magical town you'll have an opportunity to admire plenty of monuments affordable in there. When you chosen last minute deal in travel office you can pay for a cruise with the guide, however much more pleasant option will be to proceed sightseeing on your own. Barcelona is mostly famous because of buildings created by local artist, Antonio Gaudi. Main symbol of this metropolis, Sagrada Familia cathedral, is great combination of Catalan and medieval architecture. Another masterpiece of this artist, Casa Mila, a wonderful building constructed in shape of ocean's waves and decorated with shells and colorful stones.

However Barcelona is also great place to admire more conventional buildings, like Saint Eulalia's cathedral for example. It is really nice temple situated in the center of old town. In the city you may either visit the Gallery dedicated to Picasso.
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