Amazing holidays in southern Europe

Probably the most important moment during the year are holidays, which we can spend in any decent, tropical locations. Right now airline carriers are offering plenty of various flights to southern Europe, we can also localize any nice trip in the travel agencies deals.

Here are few ideas for future holidays in Europe.

Select the best destination


According of your needs another place in south part of Europe will be fine. If you are choosing a travel agency the largest amount of last minute deals you'll find for Greek islands. Nothing surprising in that, cause this region is very popular between Polish travelers. You can appreciate in there amazing temperature, convenient beaches, ancient ruins and tasty cuisine. Or maybe you like all of that however you better like to dwell in a large town? In that situation choose Athens, with fascinating Pantheon. When you prefer western architecture than old ruins you may choose an Italy as the vacation destination. In Rome you'll appreciate a lot of Baroque mansions and fountains, in Florence you will admire amazing architecture of Renaissance and in Pisa a crooked tower.


Next good option for summer vacations is Spain, you may search for a last minute offer for this destination, it will be plenty of it for sure. The most famous place in this land is Barcelona, people love it because of great architecture of Gaudi, which is present in every area of town.

City is localized by the seashore, therefore you'll be able to get tan and appreciate the water either. In Madrid you can find many examples of Renaissance and Baroque mansions, and appreciate great collection of western paintings in Prado Museum.
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