What sort of products are value to trade to the Russian Federation?

A big number of company people consider dealing their products to the Putin’s country – the Russian Federation. It will be a great idea because Russia is a large country where resides more than 140 million people who also enjoy high quality and expensive, foreign things. Still, earlier you make the best decision, it is relevant to think twice about the best items which are specifically loved by Russian men and women.

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What aobut russian gost?

Thankfully, the Russian has provided the list of items which are brought in from European as well as international manufacturers. The most rewarding products are: • Shoes – 75% of sold products at Russian marketplace are imported – the imported products were worth $3,7 billion. • Tights, socks and alike products – 70% of them are foreign and they are worth about $14,6 billion. • Vacuums and another home devices – 95% of those household appliances which are presented at Russian market come from different nations. It is one of the highest amounts. The items were worth $157 billion. • Beef and another kinds of meat – Russian sellers import up to 78% of sold beef. The food is worth $3,5 billion. • Drugs – it is the final category which is value to look closer. seventy five% of sold drugs in the Russian Federation are foreign. The industry is worth about $20 billion.

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Nevertheless, Russia is a region which transfer many products, not each person can offer here the things with no special approval. The Russian Federation looks after the quality of shipped items which are imported to the place. This is precisely why, here has been introduced special certificate named russian gost but various people call it just gost r.
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The document agrees with that your organization generates high quality products according to Russian’s demands and requirements. Furthermore, if you prepare to export items to the Russian Federation regularly, it is worth to issue permanent certificate. All of the certificates can be bought and issued in any European places.
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