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Existence in our country is a lot simpler now then even 10 years earlier. Citizens are a lot more wealthy, so they may afford for a little journey really often. We're glad to try an offers of small airline companies and go to main European metropolis However even domestic tours are really interesting.

Which place in Poland would be the best for long weekend?


This city is possibly the most famous area in the country, especially among European travelers. In the oldest zone of it you will observe plenty of interesting monuments. In the middle part of Main Place you will have a chance to see Sukiennice, amazing instance of Renaissance style. It used to be a mercantile place in medieval late times, however also now you may buy there a lot of interesting products. Very close to this building stands the Saint Mary temple, with astonishing stained glass by Veit Stoss. Ticket to enter the church cost only about ten zlotys and the interior is amazing, you need to go there. During journey to Cracow you may also see a painting of one of top brilliant artists on the planet, Leonardo da Vinci. That The Lady with mink is placed in the National Museum.

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Younger people, mainly students from continent, enjoy this place very much. Nothing weird in that, because Wroclaw is stuffed with attractions, not just decent buildings but also fascinating events. When you wish to admire nice instance of Polish art, you've to go to the National Museum, It has large exhibition of paintings by Witkacy, vanguard artist, very important in local culture.

If you wish to admire one of the finest buildings in the metropolis, you have to go to the Centennial Hall. It's great instance of Modernism epoque in history.
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