Do you still associate outsourcing with simply basic services? You are wrong

The term “outsourcing” lately became much more famous. You can hear this almost everywhere – on both informal and formal business meetings, during different workshops etc. I believe that most of people already know what outsourcing means.


apparently, not everybody. Possibly, many you could as well explain that it enables to transfer particular activities to another enterprise. Thanks to that, it is doable to pay bigger effort and to concentrate more on the key business.

Nonetheless, I have an impression that most people connect outsourcing mainly with very basic activities. For example, when they consider outsourcing they usually think about really basic IT services that enables using IT professionals only when there is some kind of IT problem, instead of hiring those specialists in the firm on the regular basic as standard employees. I gotta say that this category of way of thinking may be very incorrect. Not merely because outsourcing could offer so much more than solely helping to avoid hiring employees permanently. It also allows you to own an access to professionals that you will never afford to have otherwise. But it is not the field I would like to focus in this very short article. There are many others articles about positive and negative sides of using outsourcing.

In this text I am planning to present that outsourcing is so far more than only basic IT services. I believe it started from that point earlier. But as this field has developed, outsourcing companies became extremely specialized in particular fields of interest. E.g., if your firm looks for a android development activities, it is possible to use outsourcing for this area- continue reading. Nevertheless, as such process is rather structured, in this case we might rather describe this as managed services- view. It still can be considered as some category of outsourcing. Nonetheless, it is far more compelx. What is the reason? Because as it was mentioned, standard outsourcing is very repeatedly connected with smaller cost and possible savings. Managed services go further beyond these aspects.

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Managed services includes plenty, quite complex services at the same time, e.g. also those connected with managing these activities. Because of that, you could have highly educated and experienced professionals working on creating and implementing complex project for your company.
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