The phenomenon of medical touristry and the role of Poland in its substantial growth

Go to a different country just to mend teeth or better their look? Dental touristry grows and numerous foreign patients go to get a brilliant toothing to Poland.

Author: fdecomite

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How is it that Polish dental centers appeal to customers even from overseas?

The quantity of people looking for medical assistance out of their state is expected to exceed 780 million this year and the value of the medical tourism market is estimated at $100 billion €. A relevant portion of this is the credit of dental assistance, for which Poland is beginning to be an important center in Europe. According to analysts, the aging population, the prolonged life expectancy, and the improving consciousness of one's own condition and available treatments increase the need for developed medical assistance. Looking for a reasonable price often requests traveling abroad. Between the most frequent areas of the medical tourism are the following: plastic operations, cardiology and dentistry. In the last few years in development of dental tourism Poland has been a head in its geographic zone. By the side of the Czech Republic and Hungary our homeland is the most relevant medical center in the Central Europe. The costs of healing at a trustworthy clinic in Poland are comparable to those of a mediocre medical center abroad.

For that reason, people prefer to cure themselves for similar amount in Poland and be sure that the healing will be performed at a decent level with a promise of lasting effects. Polish clinics are ready to provide quality assistance to international patients, and at much lower costs than in the West.
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