Alternate directions are getting a lot more common – this time east and north Europe

Northern Europe we associate in most cases with white, frost and tough work. It is fact, because Northern countries is one of the best tour directions. But east part of Europe is known in most cases from village people and poverty. And it is a lie. Especially in capitals.
The main southern of the Nothern European places is Denmark. It is the isle country which additionally to great sights is also the spot in which runs the transit to Scandinavia. Thanks to this seaside towns are developing very fastly.
Denmark is well known primarily from bikes and Lego . How can we get to that place? The nicest with plane - flights to Denmark are connected from generally every European capital. The biggest airport in Copenhagen that we also can visit a lot of travelers attractions. However, you is likely to always visit Germany or Sweden. By picking there, consider flights to Denmark as a transport option. In the eastern part, one of the most attractive capitals is Minsk. The capital of Belarus is connected from with poor people, as well as the whole country.
Author: Baumit
From: Baumit
Here, however, hard to be surprised, cause Minsk doesn’t differ with look from the another main cities. There is the airport where taking flights to Minsk. In Minsk we can observe first of all religious constructions and museums . Here is also a lot of things related to communism. It’s worth to visit this city. The one problem is that the flights to Minsk land at the port long from Minsk about 42 kilometers from the city, so it’s unpleasant.

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Both the North part and eastern Europe have significant of attractive directions. It’s worth visit to as many as you can.
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